"Fast. Targeted. Viral. Results!"
"We decided to try CPG Connect to complement our search after hearing there was a new job board that focused on candidates for our industry. We had tried other more general job boards in the past which was a frustrating and time consuming experience. CPG Connect was a refreshing change that was fast and effective. In addition to posting our job, they featured it in their bi-weekly newsletter. Through this targeted and viral process we were able to screen, interview and eventually hire the best candidate. I would certainly recommend CPG Connect. I found it more focused than other job boards. It gets directly to the CPG talent you want to connect with!"
- Glenn Conrod, Belvedere International
"Innovative way to receive Targeted Resumes."
"We went to CPG Connect because we felt that it was an innovative way to advertise our jobs and receive targeted resumes. Our experience has been positive and we feel that CPG Connect is better than other job posting sites. The search was more streamlined and we received some high calibre talent. If you are considering CPG Connect, I would say definitely try it! We have been happy with the results for the cost."
- Joan Madden, Alberto-Culver Canada Inc.
"Cost Effective. More Targeted. Easy to Use."
"We went to CPG Connect after being unsuccessful at getting the pipeline of candidates we needed from search firms and from our website. We liked the idea that CPG Connect targeted people with CPG backgrounds and we were eager to try them out. Our experience using CPG Connect superseded our expectations. We received over 300 applications for 2 positions; with 70% having CPG backgrounds. From this, we were able to identify candidates to hire for both positions! CPG Connect was cost effective, more targeted and an easy tool to use. I would strongly recommend CPG Connect to anyone looking to hire professionals with CPG backgrounds!"
- Joyce Moore, Coca-Cola Ltd.
"Easier. Faster. Better Resumes."
"We went to CPG Connect to find candidates with CPG backgrounds. We had used generalist job boards in the past, but found that they did not meet our needs. We would get a large response from people with varying backgrounds not related to our industry. With CPG Connect, we got professionals with the right CPG background and the site has significantly reduced our time to hire. We have been very pleased with CPG Connect. The site is easier to use, you get better resumes and your time to hire is faster. If you are looking to reach CPG professionals, CPG Connect is well worth the try!"
- Manon Pelletier, Danone
"Specialized Talent. Quick. Cost Effective."
"We went to CPG Connect to find specialized talent and CPG Connect delivered. Using CPG Connect eliminated the time consuming, tedious process of weeding out 200 – 300 resumes and that uneasy feeling that you are missing someone in the process. CPG Connect was cost effective, efficient and quick. I will definitely use the site again and would recommend it to anyone looking for CPG talent."
- Gerhard Doepner, Dr. Oetker Canada Ltd.
"Great Customer Service. Highly Qualified Candidates."
"Upon visiting CPG Connect and seeing all of the hiring companies, we were curious to try the site out. We felt that it was a unique, cost effective solution to reaching professionals with experience in our industry. Overall, our experience using CPG Connect was very pleasant. We were impressed with the customer service and follow up. In addition, compared to other sites, the candidates were more suitable and the volume of applicants was much more manageable. From this process, we were able to quickly hire a Jr. Account Manager. I would highly recommend CPG Connect. The staff are friendly, the candidates are highly qualified, and you enjoy significant time savings."
- Lily Shen, Crystal Claire Cosmetics Inc.
"Huge Time Saver. Cost Effective Solution to Recruiters."
"CPG Connect was an invaluable resource in our most recent CPG search. We were looking for an efficient and cost effective way to directly reach CPG professionals and CPG Connect delivered! With posting our job on CPG Connect, we only received CPG resumes and in addition to this, got a diverse set of applicants. If you have a job opening where a CPG skill set is critical, I would highly recommend trying out CPG Connect. It was far better than any general job board or print ad we’ve ever tried, and was a cost effective alternative versus recruiters. We quickly got a great response from highly qualified CPG professionals that in the past we would have paid big dollars for recruiters to deliver."
- HR Manager, Company Confidential
"Great Candidates. Great Referrals. Great Branding."
"We tried out CPG Connect because it is the only National site for CPG talent. The site exceeded our expectations by delivering over 1,000 views in one month and additional referrals. As a result of this, I will be using CPG Connect for senior talent over Monster & Workopolis. The site has been a great vehicle for building my brand and my candidate pool. I would highly recommend trying it out!"
- Sherry Sharma, Consumer Impact Marketing