"Easy. Industry Specialists. Cost Savings."

CPG Connect’s Connect-Service was an invaluable service in my search for a senior supply chain professional when I worked at Hershey Canada. Filling the position was urgent and, with it being a management position, we needed a service that minimized admin work so that we could focus on the strategic part of recruiting; interviewing candidates. We decided to try CPG Connect’s Connect-Service as they are specialists for the industry. We also realized that by searching through their database and other public databases, they would be adding the same value as recruiters, but at half the cost. Our experience with the Connect-Service was very positive, and in one word I would describe it as “easy.” CPG Connect delivered all qualified applications in one email and provided a nice snap shot of candidate profiles that was very easy to share with the hiring manager. From this process, we quickly found a high potential hire with the required management and educational experience that we were looking for. I would have no reservation recommending the Connect-Service. They are specialists for the industry, have great connectivity and knowledge, and as a result, it was one of the most creative solutions I have used!

- Catherine Fulton, HD Supply Canada (previously Hershey Canada)

“Bang on Candidates. Ample Submissions. Great Summary Notes.”

We have had a long standing relationship with CPG Connect and have successfully advertised jobs with them since 2009. My counter-part was having a difficult time finding a Category Analyst and decided to try the Connect-Service. CPG Connect quickly connected her with 10 very qualified candidates, in which 2 hires were made. It was from this experience that I decided to use the Connect-Service when I had an influx of Sales and Trade Marketing Roles. I really enjoy working with the CPG Connect team. They are a very likeable and service-oriented group and their deliverables are always on time or earlier. In terms of what sets their service apart, we like that they provide an organized spreadsheet on presented candidates and that they give a full spectrum of people, versus 3 sporadic candidates, for comparative purposes. The candidates they present are always bang on and high caliber. I would encourage any interested colleague to use the Connect-Service.

- Asmaa Pasha, Campbell Company of Canada

“Hassle-Free. Great Connectivity. Work with 1 Vendor."

I was hearing lots of positive buzz about CPG Connect through colleagues and upon inquiring further with CPG Connect, I discovered that in addition to a job posting service, they now offered a recruiting program called their Connect-Service. We are a growing organization in Canada, so I liked the idea of this ‘hassle-free’ solution. I also liked the multiple service offerings (job postings and Connect-Service), and that I could easily work with one vendor for my recruitment needs. We decided to use the Connect-Service for a Supply Chain Manager position, and the candidates we received were on spec and outstanding! The decision of who to hire was difficult, which is always good. Compared to other recruitment agencies, CPG Connect is just starting to build a history with their members, but this did not stop them from being able to quickly find and deliver top candidates. The Connect-Service saved time, saved money, and connected me with great people!

- Andrew Salisbury, Bellisio Foods Canada