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Pinterest supports values-based branding | Strategy Online

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CPG Connect | Status: is encouraging members to get involved i... Read more
Posted in May
By Will Novosedlik

If Pinterest were a country, boasts its website, it would be the third largest in the world after China and India. Among its population of 463 million users, millennials are the largest group, and women ages 18-24 come in at second. It is the fifth most popular social media platform in Canada.
fakemisery Fake
Posted in June
I know that branding is very important for marketing. But what branding can you do to your account if you run it on only fans? I guess there you need to use a totally different strategy. I hired people from a marketing company after reading about a few successful case studies. Furthermore, I think I am no worse than them, so if they managed to grow their accounts, why can't I?!

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