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in-sync Consumer Insight Corp.

Company Overview:

in-sync is a world-class marketing and customer insight consultancy based in Toronto. We are recognized as the innovative leaders in delivering fresh human understanding and the knowledge required to drive sustainable business growth for our clients. We believe that big, new brand opportunities are discovered by first looking at consumer behavior in new and interesting ways, and the way to successfully translate these fresh insights into big ideas is through the leadership of a marketing and brand strategy expert. in-sync works with clients to shape global, US and Canadian brand initiatives in three principle areas: deep customer intimacy, product innovation and positioning/brand strategies.

Our Clients come to us with their most important business challenges and look to us to bring business building solutions to their businesses. Our current focus is working predominantly with leading Pharmaceutical companies to create marketing and communication strategies to support the launch of new prescription medications in North American and/or globally. Increasingly, we are also conducting foundational customer work to help shape strategies for disease areas where a client is anticipating new treatments 5 to 7 years out.

Products/Brands or Clients:
Corporate Culture:

What inspires the people who work here?

  • The opportunity to crack some of the most challenging and interesting marketing problems in the global marketplace.
  • Access to big, high profile work. Nothing elevates an individual’s skills more than working amongst the best and the brightest and delivering to Clients who themselves represent the best within their industries and globally.
  • Within our walls, we are surrounded by creative, strategic thinkers that allow every in-syncer to grow from exposure to other really smart, experienced people.
  • The experience of integrating knowledge from other disciplines, such as anthropology, broadens and inspires thinking amongst even the most seasoned marketers. Our office is comprised of people from a range of backgrounds: PhDs and Masters in Anthropology, Economics and Mathematics, Marketers, Planners and Advertising gurus from P&G, Unilever, IBM Kraft, BBDO, & O&M.
  • Collaborative, supportive culture. We say it and we live it. The proof is in asking those who are here.
  • As a result of our collaborative orientation, any individual is exposed to multiple marketing challenges and the thinking of others at any one time (as compared to most organizations where an individual may be exposed to one or fewer major strategic projects in any one year).

We are a dynamic and inspiring, entrepreneurial environment, where everyone has the freedom to grow and be intellectually challenged, andbe a part of solving the challenges of companiesyou hear about everyday.

Company Website:

Company Information:
Industry Market Research 
Location Toronto, ON, Canada 
# Employees 50 - 199 
Public/Private Privately Owned 

Current Postings:
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