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RK Supply Chain (Canada)

Company Overview:

At RK Supply Chain, we seek out candidates from multiple industries and regions, placing them in positions that are ideally matched to their skill set and character. We pride ourselves in making insightful matches, based on an in depth knowledge of the industry's key players, movers, and up-and-comers, combined with a commitment to understanding the intricacies of each client’s unique needs. This mission is upheld through our established relationships with the industry's key figures and the expertise of our dedicated professional consultants who conduct this specialty recruitment service within the following disciplines:

  • Procurement & Purchasing
  • Supply Chain Planning & Management
  • Operations & Project Managment
  • Logistics & Distribution

In a “people’ business no two hires are the same, and as such, the process requires a flexible recruiting method that meets the diverse requirements of our clients and candidates, as well as the ability to keenly assess and qualify the various measures that make up a “perfect fit”. These are our great skills and our many clients and candidates define this as the basis for our success.

Products/Brands or Clients:

RK Supply Chain is an experienced recruitment company made up of our own highly talented team of consultants. We specialize in the identification, qualification and management of the permanent placement of uniquely qualified individuals. Basically, this means that we dig deeper to find our clients the right employee to fit their organization's long-term needs, both on paper and in reality. Our candidates are drawn from various backgrounds, multiple sectors and a range of geographical locations. What they have in common is their particular expertise within the following disciplines:

  • Purchasing / Procurement / Strategic Sourcing / Commodity Management / Vendor Management / E-Procurement & Online Sourcing
  • Materials & Inventory Management & Systems
  • Production, Supply, Demand & Master Planning
  • Warehouse Management, Planning & Design
  • Logistics / Distribution / Transportation Management
  • ERP/MRP/DRP Consultation & Implementation
  • Process Improvement / Supply Chain (Industrial) Engineers
  • Business to Business Customer Service / Customer Logistics
  • Project Managers for SC Solutions

What we do for our candidates...

Our aim is to become the gateway to your career in the Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics & Operations fields.

And we’re not just talking about your next job. Many of our candidates have looked to RK Supply Chain to manage their entire career. We aim to find you a workplace that ideally matches your aspirations and qualifications today, knowing that by providing you with this quality of service, you may end up as our client tomorrow. Or a candidate again, in the next stage of your career.

Please click through to our Job Listings & Login page to create your profile and take the first step to making your greatest career move.

What we do for our clients...

RK Supply Chain is here to help you build unstoppable teams made up of employees who will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace and take your company to the next level.

And we are completely serious. Employees who are an ideal fit with a firm work harder, care more, and think bigger for their company. The more employees with this mindset within an organization, the greater the company’s potential output. So, we know that our role is pivotal in digging deeper to find those perfect people, the dream teams who revolutionize the way you do business. Usually, our relationship begins with one perfect hire. Often, it grows to working with you to design your whole team.

Are you ready to create a big competitive advantage for your company? Please call us to discuss a particular assignment, find out more information or connect with one of our dedicated Supply Chain consultants.

Call us...

We look forward to creating more sparks with our current connections and also partnering with new clients and candidates who share our philosophies on business and success.

t: 416-324-9898

Or contact us through whichever medium you prefer...




Corporate Culture:

We measure “success” by our volume of repeat business, the conversion of former candidates into clients, and the consistent feedback about the positive impact our actions have upon the organizations we work with. From “interview process design and management’ to “large scale recruitment initiatives’ and from “targeted search activities’ to “assessment centres’ and “remote screening operations’, the individual requirement process of any business can be accommodated through our expertise and broad experience.

Testimonials and accolades from our clients and candidates represent our most valuable achievements...

"rk supply chain differentiates themselves from other recruiters we have used through taking the time to understand our culture as an organization, the direction I am trying to go in with the team and putting candidates in front of me that have attributes beyond technical or functional capabilities. Candidates with which I have been presented are all technically sound, but present options in terms of other attributes (e.g. leadership, communication skills etc.) where I can make a strategic decision on the hire with a view to creating the strongest team, rather than just choosing between a similar set of candidates all with the same technical capabilities."
- AJ, Director Operations, Consumer Health Products.

Company Website:

Company Information:
Industry Consulting 
Location Toronto, ON, Canada 
# Employees 1 - 10 
Public/Private Privately Owned 

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