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Company Overview:

Liberté has been manufacturing milk products in the Montréal area since 1936.

In 1936, Liberté began manufacturing cream and cottage cheeses near downtown Montréal on the corner of Saint-Urbain and Duluth streets, which today is home to Café Santropol.

As the company grew, production maintained a traditional and artisanal character. After relocating to Brossard in 1964, Liberté continued to manufacture cream cheese and began producing yogurt. With the success of this new endeavour, the company then developed an increasing number of products, all the while upholding its standards of quality and purity. In 2008, Liberté acquired a plant in Saint-Hyacinthe to support its expansion.

Products/Brands or Clients:

Liberté Greek

A type of yogurt crafted using traditional Greek methods. A yogurt drained according to the principles of old-time cheesecloth draining, which gives it an incredibly rich and creamy texture and one that’s absolutely free of fat. As surprising as it is delicious.

Requiring threetimes more milk than a regularyogurt, Greek yogurt also contains twice the protein of any other regular yogurt. It’s an excellent source of energy and the perfect choice for a low-fat diet.

Liberté Mediterranean

Manufactured in the purest Mediterranean tradition, this opulent line of yogurts, exclusive to Liberté, is especially popular with gourmets and gourmands.

The fruit is at the bottom, and every gourmand has their own way of doling out the flavour. Méditerranée yogurt is eaten as is, but you can also add fruit to it and use it in cooking. It’s a great favourite among chefs.

Méditerranée yogurt is made from milk and cream. And, yes (we prefer to give you advance warning), its cream content may create a healthy dependency. With a texture that’s the richest and creamiest on the market, this is yogurt at its finest.

Probiotic like most of our yogurts, this one is exceptionally creamy and has 7 to 10% fat. It contains neither gelatine, nor sugar substitutes.

Liberté Organic

We know a thing or two about organic dairy products. In fact, Liberté was one of the pioneers in this field in Canada. All of our products are made with care and use only ingredients that belong in a yogurt: milk and fruit. It was only natural that we would stay true to our mission by purchasing local organic milk.

This line offers organic products made with milk and fruit that are certified free of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, according to the rigorous standards of Québec Vrai. It has 2% to 2.5% fat, contains live probiotic bacteria and is made without gelatine, sugar substitutes and preservatives. Plain 2.5% organic yogurt is the best selling fresh milk product in Canada!

Corporate Culture:

At Liberté our Mission is to create value for our key stakeholders: our customers, our consumers, our team members, and our communities, by living our Vision - to be Naturally Better. At Liberté, we live our values by producing the best in healthy, high quality, natural and organic products; by minimizing our corporate footprint on the environment; by supporting our employees' involvement inour communities; by celebrating and rewarding performance; by acting with integrity, and by creating high performance teams and partnerships.

Company Website:

Company Information:
Industry Other 
Location St. Hubert, QC, Canada 
# Employees 500 + 

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