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Company Overview:

Produced in Ontario

A desire for a healthy alternative for children and adults alike Canada Pure launched in 1992 by insisting on a high standard of natural ingredients and top certified spring water. After 3 years of research and development the Canada Pure Sparkling Fruit Flavoured Refreshers were launched in 1995. The result is a clear fruit-flavour sparkling water that does not contain any aspartame, artificial flavour, colour, sodium or caffeine

Canada Pure is low in carbohydrates, has 34% less calories than other market leading category beverages without using any artificial sweeteners.

Canada Pure is available in six great flavours Lemon-Lime, Wild-Berry, Strawberry, Black Cherry, Raspberry, and Orange.

Canada pure is available in 500ml (16.8oz) bottles and 240ml (8oz) bottles perfect for kids and adults alike!

Canada Pure is available in retail stores right across Canada as well as in select specialty stores and restaurants; please contact Canada Pure for more information in your area.

In the USA Canada Pure has enjoyed a loyal following ever since it was originally introduced into the United States school system back in 1996. The Canada Pure product continues to grow in popularity within the US East Coast region, the US Midwest region and our newest launch into the Southern Region with additions into Texas and Louisiana. Our distributors in these regions service hundreds of school districts with our Canada Pure branded products.

Products/Brands or Clients:

Canada Pure products appeal to kids and adults alike attracted to a great taste and most of all a healthy option to today's sugary soda's or artificially sweetened flavored water products. This product was developed for individuals who enjoy a clean fresh taste without the unpleasant after taste of artificial sweeteners. Calorie watchers and parents who wish to limit the amount of and type of sugar consumed by their children.

Canada Pure utilizes only the highest quality natural fruit flavoring and the lightly sparkling product does not detract from the amazing taste. Canada Pure does not use any artificial colour as all the products are clear. The great taste is sweetened with a higher percentage of fructose relative to corn syrup, affording less sugar per gram. Canada Pure products contain 34% lower calories than the leading market brands without the use of artificial sweeteners. Canadian and American Diabetes food choice value based on exchange lists from meal planning.

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Location Toronto, ON, Canada 
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