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A. Lassonde inc.

Company Overview:

Founded in 1918, A. Lassonde Inc. is the oldest of Lassonde Industries Inc.'s subsidiaries. Today, the Company relies on a network of factories equipped with modern technology, making it the perfect model of production. The Company's pure fruit juice and fruit drink processing and packaging facilities in Rougemont, Quebec; Ruthven, Thornbury and Toronto, Ontario;Port Williams, Nova Scotia and Calgary, Alberta, make it one of the leading apple juice producers and distributors in Canada. Other juices made from freshly-squeezed fruit, such as cranberries, blueberries and oranges, come from local and international markets.

But, above all, the feature that sets A. Lassonde apart is its ability to produce and market juices and fruit drinks with an innovative and distinguished flavor. They meet international standards of excellence with flying colors. The Company's many treatment methods using Prisma, Tetra and Remy technologies speak for themselves.

Products/Brands or Clients:







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Corporate Culture:

A company�s greatest strength lies in its ability to meet the needs of its clientele and, above all, to anticipate those needs by continuously offering innovative products of superior quality.

Two key elements are essential to meeting this objective: the people who make up the work teams and the equipment and tools that are provided to sustain a constant product quality.

Choosing a team consequently becomes a strategic move. At A. Lassonde Inc., we are proud to have developed a recruitment and selection method that meets these straightforward yet determining criterias. The aptitudes that we look for match those that guide the company for its own actions: customer focus, entrepreneurship, communication and teamwork.

Our corporate culture is built on these clear values arising from the following qualities: daring, an innovative spirit, creativity, tenacity, the desire to grow, the ability to listen and mutual aid.

Company Website:

Company Information:
Industry Packaged Goods 
Location Montreal, QC, Canada 
# Employees 500 + 
Public/Private Publicly Traded 

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